December 9, 2008

Generic benefits of SM processes

Posted in ITSM at 12:27 pm by Molly

(Based on ITIL V2 – which I am currently studying, for my Service Manager certificate)

I have identified these particular benefits within ITIL processe that span all Service Management:

(in no particular order)

  • Increased financial savings
  • less impact to the business
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • clear and more defined roles & responsibilities
  • weaker areas identified faster
  • increased control leading to reduction in errors and fewer delays
  • more focus on key business activities
  • increase in qualifity of services, leading to increased production through better planning activities
  • increased regular communications between IT and customers and users, an increased visibility throughout the organisation
  • early warnings of over and under consumptions of services
  • proactive and structured working practices and staff utilization leading to better planning of time
  • repetitive manual tasks are automated
  • improved monitoring through auto-collection of analysis, trend info etc.
  • less reactive and more proactive duties
  • reduction in risks through improved risk analysis and assessments
  • increased audit information, leading to improvements in audit exercises and reporting

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