January 23, 2009

Where do I begin to implement a Service Management process?

Posted in ITIL at 4:30 pm by Molly

Consider implementing a Service Management (SM) process using the tried and tested method of planning and creating a PROJECT (something like PRINCE2 methodology);

Set your GOALS, OBJECTIVES, SCOPE, KPIs, CSFs down into documents;

Obtain your organisation’s management COMMITMENT and FUNDING for the project;

Define all ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES of the resources that will be required for the project and outline the resources required for the actual process being implemented too;

Write and develop the SM PROCESS, PROCEDURES and if a POLICY does not exist, create one;

Mount an AWARENESS CAMPAIGN to overcome the lack of commitment from the customers and users, and don’t forget your 3rd party service providers;

Procure, develop and configure the necessary TOOLS that will be used within the new process;

Give great consideration to TRAINING needs, not only the training towards the tools but also towards the process, so run education workshops, explain the process, don’t just write it down in a manual that sits closed on people’s desks, bring it alive;

Develop your implementation plan, develop the AUDIT requirements where necessary and your procedures for implementing this process. Using your project management experience, produce the milestones and project plan charts, constantly review your milestones, and keep to the target dates, because your awareness campaign has generated interest, you want to keep that interest alive;

Once your process is in place, pay close attention to a REVIEW of the process and procedures. After all you want them to work, so you may need to make sure that any creases are ironed out quickly. Remember to version control your documentation and place them all into the CMDB (if you have one) otherwise try and get them published somewhere where everyone can find them (your internal website, intranet, portal page, etc ..)


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