August 12, 2010

Motivating your Project Team

Posted in Project Management tagged , , , at 1:47 pm by Molly

  • stop criticising upper management
  • keep giving feedback
  • lead from the front
  • hire motivated people
  • know your teams stregths
  • stop looking over your shoulder
  • communicate a vision of what the business stands for and where you want it to be and where you want it to be;
  • communicate values and priorities across the organisation;
  • ensure the work is challenging, with a variety of tasks;
  • establish a friendly, collaborative work environment;
  • consider more flexible working practices;
  • delegate tasks and allow others to take responsibility;
  • involving them in decision-making;
  • providing personal encouragement;
  • recognising and rewarding good performance;
  • helping to build their confidence to use their own initiative;
  • inspiring them with a vision for success;
  • ensuring good two-way communication;
  • Demonstrating trust – don’t micro-manage. Trust staff to get the job done;
  • Showing respect – listen to and act upon what your employees tell you;
  • Giving encouragement – if someone’s standards fall short, don’t criticise, but find out what the problem is and try to get them back on track;
  • Valuing diversity – what works for motivating one person, may not work for another;
  • Rewarding good performance – set clear objectives and celebrate employee achievement;

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