August 12, 2010

Writing a ‘Communication Plan’

Posted in Deliverable Artefacts, Project Management tagged , , at 12:53 pm by Molly

It defines the means of communication and frequency of communication to all your stakeholders who are concerned or interested in your project.  It is a document that describes how you will inform all these people and what each person or group will receive, when (a timescale > weekly, daily, fortnightly, monthly, quarterly …).

I suggest using a matrix, easier to read and format.

Your matrix will include the following:

  • receiving name;
  • receiving role;
  • summary of information required (the project artefact);
  • information provider/supplier;
  • frequency;
  • delivery method (security may need to be considered depending on your project);
  • format (PDF, MS Word, URL etc.)

Make sure all your stakeholders are in agreement to receive this information, it’s most embarrassing when you send someone information out of the blue and they don’t know why they have received it and what they should do with it.  Make sure that the frequency, content and method of delivery is agreed with all parties.  Use common standards, define the language you will use.  Plan it into your Plan.

Do not use the communication plan to send actual project details.

Remember it also depends on the size of your project, so you may include your ‘communication plan’ into the project approach or project brief artefacts – it just depends!


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