August 12, 2010

Writing a ‘Monthly Report’

Posted in Deliverable Artefacts, Project Management tagged , at 1:19 pm by Molly

There will be contracts where your senior line manager will request Project Monthly Reports from you.  An inevitable and sensible request in my opinion, a report that will comprise and gather details from other project artefacts you are currently updating.

How you supply this information is entirely down to how your manager wishes to read it.  You might be lucky enough to have a line manager who just wants the bare facts, or you might have a manager who wants all the details – it depends.

Project Monthly Report Contains

  • brief description of project;
  • project programme;
  • achievements;
  • risk;
  • quality;
  • actions for next month;
  • key decisions required;
  • spend and cost analysis; (might have to include forecasts)
  • key issues;
  • overall status;

There is nothing to be afraid of in the completion of the monthly report, it should just contain the key facts.  Don’t make it long winded, keep to the facts, concise, accurate …


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