September 23, 2010

Ebooks pending publication

Posted in Ebooks tagged , , , , at 10:08 pm by Molly

I’m starting an ebook business, I’ve got 5 completed, very non-IT ebooks that I will soon be publishing them, so keep your eyes peeled for updated links.

How to enjoy Christmas (a book which contains everything you have every wanted to know about making the most of Christmas, from wrapping gifts without sticky tape, to what food to present at the table and the very best of traditional Christmas games)


How to look after wooden flooring (including what are the different types and shades of wood you can use and how to maintain your precious investment). Purchase the ebook at


How to maintain terracotta floor tiles (similar to above but related to all the different types of terracotta tiles). Purchase the ebook at


How to kids occupied on car, train, plane journeys (self explanatory – its a parent’s most useful bible for disruptive and attention seeking terrors)


Ebook readers – here to stay?

I shall post links to the websites shortly where you can purchase them or just review chapters


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