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Molly will shortly be accredited with the title Service Manager, but has already taken the ITIL Foundations v2 & v3 certifications consolidated with that is a PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate. 18 years of solid IT experience in financial, telecommunication and various public sector industries, her expertise is focused towards improving service management within organisations, coupling this with project managing international teams in multi-cultural environments.

Molly says: “I live for ITIL, there is alot of common sense in what it tries to achieve, but I see it within organisations as being a rushed set of activities bundled into misunderstood projects.  A good project manager will take a step back from what the sponsor requires, and find out from speaking to the customers what they require, sometimes the two can be totally different and send out very mixed messages to everyone else. Infact, one sees the commencement of a project, from a business perspective, which is aligned to the business strategy, and the other sees it from a user perspective, probably more concerned with how the end product is going to be used .. to fulfil the business strategy – it’s a brilliant project manager who sees it from everyone’s perspective and delivers an acceptional product at the end of the day. It’s also not all about the paperwork, it’s about the results.

So my question to you is, “do you need to employ a separate Project Manager and a Service Manager to implement the ITIL good practices into your organisation?” No, not anymore, because they need to be bundled together as one. You need the project management skills to liaise with the management people and stakeholders, additionally there is a need to be the organisation’s teacher when it comes to ITIL, holding their hand if they don’t realise what ITIL is about.

I’m going to make a bold statement here and say this person needs to be the “Business Relationship Manager”, (a term much forgotten in our title centric environment) because it is a business relationship that needs to be forged from all sides, after all, isn’t communication about building relationships with people?

Molly’s objectives are to offer systematic, professional and proven service management approaches to the administration of all IT services. The ultimate aims being to …

• optimise business ‘value for money’ by identifying and implementing improvements to reduce overall cost burdens and wastage;
• maximise the quality of service through improved IT services, and underpinning them to standards and guidances published;
• boost production and customer satisfaction;
• determine how to delivery it all in a pragmatic & cost effective way.


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